Non-profit info project for creation of collective, not exposed to inflation money protocol
Reserveum Open Call

Who We Are?

We are a group of like-minded enthusiasts. Analysts, marketers, economists and specialists in the fields of blockchain technologies.

Our community has more than 10 000 members from more than 50 countries.

Every day we publish the results of our research work and share it in all social networks.

What do we do?

We work on theoretical framework necessary for creating a universal protocol for digital assets storage. The protocol should fit the following criteria:

  • open source code
  • decentralized
  • non-custodial method of digital assets storage
  • adaptivity to commodity inflation (lack of inflation or deflation)

Who is required?

Our project is non-profit and thus does not aim to generate a revenue. Involvement in the project is only achievable in terms of volunteer work. We require the following specialists:

  • Macroeconomics specialists (theory of world money)
  • Blockchain application developers (ETHEREUM, SOLANA)
  • Programmers and DevOps (Python, C++)

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