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Why Bitcoin Can Never Replace Dollar

Reserveum analysts believe that Bitcoin is quite outdated. For cryptocurrencies to dominate in the world, we need something better than that! Why so? What can it be? Find the answers in the new article!


The Gold Standard is Not Standard Anymore

Do you still think that your money is worth something? That it has some real value? Read this article to find out why you are mistaken. The history of the gold standard and the current state of affairs, the reasons behind it and much more, just one click away from you!


The Anatomy of Stablecoins: Why is it easier to ride a bicycle

If you are unfamiliar with stablecoins, this is a wonderful article to begin your acquaintance with different types of them. What problems can stablecoins solve and what problems do they create? Is there any coin stable enough to replace USD? If not, what can we do about it?..


Seigniorage: how to make billions on money emissions.

What is the most profitable business in the world? Read this article to find out how governments monopolized money printing and who wins from it.


Why does a cheeseburger become more expensive? Problems creating non-inflationary currencies.

Have you ever wondered why everything costs more from year to year? In this article, Reserveum Group analysts see how inflation works with an example of cheeseburgers and figure out the problems that an inflation-based economy has, and how to solve them.